Solar Pump


Choosing a borehole pump can be a difficult decision considering the large range available and number of variables to consider. So, how do you decide which one is right for the job, especially when you need to extract water from a remote location? Solar System believes it has the answer with its wide range of centrifugal or helical rotor hydraulic execution pumps are high quality products designed for higher flow drinking water supply, livestock

Solar System pumps feature an efficient, simple design for clean water. The all-stainless steel solar submersible pumps offer either a centrifugal or helical rotor hydraulic execution and feature permanent magnet motors. making accessing water in remote locations and off the grid easier than ever




100m Solar Borehole Pump 450w / 48v Max Head 100m
103m Solar Borehole Pump 750w / 48v Max Head 103m
130m Solar Borehole Pump 500w / 48v Max Head 130m
134m Solar Borehole Pump 1100w / 72v Max Head 134m
166m Solar Borehole Pump 1500w / 216v Max Head 166m
243m Solar Borehole Pump 2200w / 288v Max Head 243m
60m Solar Borehole Pump 180w / 24v Max Head 60m
80m Solar Borehole Pump 210w / 24v Max Head 80m
Solar borehole pump Kit.