Victron Energy


Victron Battery Monitor Key tasks of the Victron Battery Monitor are measuring charge and discharge currents as well as calculating the state-of-charge and time-to-go of a battery. An alarm is sent when certain limits are exceeded (such as an excessive discharge). It is also possible for the battery monitor to exchange data with the Victron Global Remote. This includes sending alarms.

Ziehl Voltage and frequency relay UFR1001E The UFR1001E monitors voltage and frequency in plants for own generation of electricity. It fulfills the requirements of VDE-AR-N 4105 bdew-directive, G59/3, G83/2 and ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001-4- 712:2009 for generators connected to the public grid.

All-in-one solar power solution The EasySolar combines a MPPT solar charge controller, an inverter/charger and AC distribution in one enclosure. The product is easy to install, with a minimum of wiring. The solar charge controller: Blue Solar MPPT 100/50 Up to three strings of PV panels can be connected to three sets of MC4 (PV-ST01) PV connectors. The inverter/charger: MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70 or 24/1600/40 The MPPT charge controller and the MultiPlus Compact inverter/charger share the DC battery cables (included). The batteries can be charged with solar power (BlueSolar MPPT) and/or with AC power (inverter/charger) from the utility grid or a genset. AC distribution The AC distribution consists of a RCD (30 mA/16 A) and four AC outputs protected by two 10A and two 16A circuit breakers. One 16A output is controlled by the AC input: it will switch on only when AC is available. PowerAssist Unique PowerAssist technology protects the utility or generator supply from being overloaded by adding extra inverter power when neededBMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor The BMV Battery Monitor features an advanced microprocessor control system combined with high resolution measuring systems for battery voltage and charge/discharge current. Besides this, the software includes complex calculation algorithms, like Peukert’s formula, to exactly determine the state of charge of the battery. The BMV selectively displays battery voltage, current, consumed Ah or time to go. The monitor also stores a host of data regarding


Victron Energy

Victron AC Current sensor – single phase – max 40A The AC Current sensor is a simple external current sensor used to measure AC Current, Power (VA) and calculate energy of a PV Inverter connected to the AC input or output of a Multi or Quattro. These values can then be displayed and sent to the VRMwebsite by the Color Control. The two measurement wires can be connected to the AUX and/or temperature sense input of a Multi or Quattro

Energy Meter The ET112 (for single phase max. 100A) and the ET340 (for three phase max. 65A) Energy Meters are typically used in an Energy Storage System. To measure the power and energy of the whole application at the distribution box. Or to measure the output of a PV Inverter, to display the data on the Color Control GX and the VRM Portal.

Anti-islanding made easy: the anti-islanding box The anti-islanding box is a complete pre-wired and easy to install anti-islanding device consisting of a Ziehl anti-islanding relay (model UFR1001E or model SPI1021), the required circuit breakers and a 63A contactor. For specifications of the Ziehl relay,

MPPT Control The MPPT Control lets you see the status as well as setup all BlueSolar and SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controllers that have a VE.Direct communications port. The new MPPT Control is mounted in the familiar BMV-700 series housing, maintaining a consistent and professional look to your panels and systems monitoring equipment.

Color Control GX The Color Control GX provides intuitive control and monitoring for all products connected to it. The list of Victron products that can be connected is endless: Inverters, Multis, Quattros, MPPT 150/70, BMV-700 series, Skylla-i, Lynx-Ion and even more.

The Color Control GX Color Control GX 44
Victron Battery Monitor Venus GX 48
EasySolar 12V and 24V, 1600VA 20 BMV-712 Smart: Bluetooth inside 50
EasySolar 3kVA & 5kVA with Color Control panel 22 BlueSolar and SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controllers – Overview 52
MultiGrid 3000 VA 24 SmartSolar charge controller MPPT 75/10, 75/15, 100/15 & 100/20 53
MultiPlus-II 3000VA & 5000VA 26 SmartSolar charge controller MPPT 100/30 & 100/50 54
ECOmulti 29 SmartSolar charge controller MPPT 150/35 55
Phoenix inverters Smart 1600VA & 2000VA 32 SmartSolar charge controller MPPT 150/45 & MPPT 150/100 56
Phoenix inverters 1200VA – 5000VA 230V SmartSolar charge controller MPPT 250/60, 250/70, 250/85 & 250/100 57
MultiPlus inverter/charger 800VA – 5kVA 230V 36 24V 180Ah Lithium-ion battery and Lynx-ion 58
Quattro inverter/charger 3kVA – 15kVA 230V 38 Lithium-Ion HE Battery and Lynx Ion BMS
MultiPlus inverter/charger 2kVA and 3kVA 120V 40 Zigbee to USB converter & Zigbee to RS485
Quattro inverter/charger 3kVA – 10kVA 120V 42 Zigbee to USB converter, DRF2618A, DTK
Zigbee to RS485 converter, DRF2619A, TDK AC Current sensor – single phase – max 40A



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